Saksham - MCDF

Mata Chakeri Devi Foundation has established a research center called “Saksham” with the primary objective of creating research projects focused on the self-reliance, security, and education of women and girls in the country and finding solutions for them. A significant part of society, especially women, possesses talent and contributions that we often underutilize. We believe that through our strong initiatives, we can make a substantial contribution to the development and progress of women in our country. It is necessary to empower them and make effective use of their skills and abilities. According to Indian beliefs, our “Matrushakti” (Mother Power) is a strong pillar of our economy. Therefore, the role must also evolve and adapt to changing environments and lifestyles. Accordingly, it is possible to train them and utilize their abilities in nation-building. Our mothers and sisters, through their talents, can contribute effectively to realizing the Indian government’s vision of making the country a “manufacturing hub.” Based on this belief, Saksham will work towards the self-reliance of women by harnessing their potential.

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